Back with caution.

Back with excitement.


The past few months have been unlike anything we have ever experienced before. We became closer to our loved ones -or possibly were kept away from them-, we have spent more time with our thoughts, mundane acts have taken on new significance, and everyday objects have become to resemble something new.

Join a global exhibit and share with us those personal objects and the stories behind them in Ithra’s upcoming COVID-19 Exhibit. It could be a photograph that put a daily smile on you, a musical instrument that became your getaway, perhaps the pen you used to write your journal, or even a mug, item of clothing or a toy. If you have a particular object that you turned to for comfort, inspiration, or even in frustration during the COVID-19 pandemic we want to hear from you.

The Ithra COVID-19 Exhibit will unveil personal objects, and the sentiment we attach to them, to the public, and explore how we, as humans, continue to adapt to circumstances. Do we shape our objects? Or do they shape us? It just has to have a meaning and relevance to you, we want to hear from you.

The COVID-19 Exhibit will kick off with a virtual exhibition ­– an echo of how we all grew closer through our shared online world - to be followed in 2021 by a physical exhibit at the Ithra Museum comprising objects selected by the Museum’s curators from the online submissions.

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Explore the COVID-19 Exhibit "Soon"

The COVID-19 Exhibit is a virtual exhibit for creativity and self-expression for everyone. In a spirit of welcome, warmth and empathy we know these objects, the stories behind them, will provoke thought and transcend languages, countries and cultures.

We’re looking forward to seeing your special objects and sharing your stories with the world.