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Bridges Initiative

Ithra has provided bridges for effective communication between the Saudi and American people to develop pioneering and development growth through the ‘Bridges’ Initiative, which seeks to support civil communication, develop creative and innovative initiatives, and give the opportunity for intellectuals and artists to display their works and experiences to the American public in influential presentations. This will be carried out through 4 programs, spread in 64 cities throughout the United States, welcoming more than 500,000 visitors. The programs are: Saudi Art Exhibitions, Bridges for Communication, Saudi Film Days Festival, and Comedy Tour.

Bridges Art:

Bridges Art were held in the most prominent museums and cultural centers in the United States; across 5 art galleries in 9 states, the exhibitions held 147 artworks by 100 Saudi artists with more than 19,000 attendees.

Bridges Talks:

Bridges Talks presents Saudi pioneers for an open discussion with the American people. 65 events were held in 8 states and 25 cities with 3,517 people in attendance.

Saudi Film Days:

The Saudi Film Days celebrates Saudi movie makers and to display their works in international festivals where 25 Saudi films were presented to nearly 2,000 viewers.

Bridges Comedy Show:

Bridges Comedy Show presents 5 Saudi comedian participants with 50 performances held with more than 1,600 audience members across 4 states.

Saudi Art Days