History is important!

The study of history teaches us more than just the details of our past. Through historical analysis, we can find patterns and trends developing across time. With careful consideration, these patterns can hint at what our lives could be like in the future.

Aramcorama tells the history of Saudi Aramco; how the company progressed from a small group of intrepid explorers, mapping the landscape of the Saudi desert in the 1930s, to the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals enterprise.

The Aramcorama exhibit presents visually rich narratives documenting the discovery and development of oil in the Kingdom. The growth of Saudi Aramco and its place within the foundation of the Kingdom is the story of our grandfathers, how they built our present and laid the foundation for our future.

In the Aramcorama exhibit, you can explore history through series of learning experiences such as the interactive timeline wall which tells the story of Aramco through archival photographs.

Visit the Aramcorama exhibit and dive deeper for exciting stories about our history.