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Al Fozan FAQ

How do I submit my research submission?

You can apply by either submitting your work through the form provided on Ithra’s webpage or by emailing If your submission is too large, then please send it to your through Wetransfer to the above email address.

How can I be sure my submission has been received?

We will reply within three days acknowledging receipt of your submission. If we do not respond within this period, please assume your submission did not reach us and follow up by emailing us on:

Is the application specific to a certain age?

While this call is primarily aimed at specialists and those with knowledge and experience within their respective fields, our acceptance is based on the merit of the individual submission and we encourage younger people to participate.

Is the application limited to specific specializations and not others?

No. However, we strongly encourage those working within the following fields to submit: scholars of religion, architects, designers, archeologists, artists, writers, historians and curators

Is the application only for Saudis?

This is an international call for submissions and is open to everyone regardless of race or religion.

How do I know if I qualify for the conference?

There are no restrictions on who can submit. Our decision is based on the merit and potential of the submission.

Are there single or multiple winners? What are the prizes, if any?

There are no prizes or winners. All submissions that have been accepted will be invited to present their work at the conference in November 2021.

Can I participate with more than one research submission?

Yes, although this is not encouraged.