Tickets are required to enter the Center during National Day celebrations from September 21-26.

Vision and Mission

Ithra theater mission is to feature live local and international productions. We vision that those shows will reinforce Saudi social and cultural values. We also provide training to local talent in the fields of theater, cinematic production, script writing, and the supporting arts.

Since opening its doors in 2018, Ithra Theater has established itself as Saudi Arabia’s premier theater program and venue for cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary productions. Geared to local, regional, and international audiences, the Theater is a platform for works that push creative boundaries across multiple disciplines of the performing arts.

Ithra Theater has fostered a range of audiences from the perspective that many of these same audience members will become the next generation of theater practitioners, producers, artists, and operational staff of Saudi Arabia’s performing arts industry.

The Theater team is proudly pushing limits as it produces new programs for the country. This has challenged, surprised, and delighted audiences — taking them on journeys of world culture through theatrical productions and art performances presented on a world-class stage.