Saudi Film Days (SFD) is a first-of-its-kind initiative organized by Ithra to stimulate and support the filmmaking industry in the Kingdom.

Saudi Film Days is a unique initiative that focuses on supporting, educating, and funding Saudi filmmakers. SFD invests in the filmmakers of today to help their ideas come to life on screen in local and international venues. The program launched in 2016; that year it produced 11 short films. In 2019, SFD produced 2 features and 6 short films. The films were showcased in major cities across the United States and at film events and festivals throughout the world where they have won multiple awards.

Ithra has already made a huge impact on the greatly increasing number of new Saudi films which have been well-received locally and internationally. Looking forward, Ithra seeks to expand the horizons of emerging Saudi filmmakers by introducing them and their work to the worldwide film industry.

Promos for the program