Collection Borrowing and Use Rules

Collection Use Privileges

Member Type


Adult 18 years and above

All Library collection

Young Adult 13-17 years

Young Adult and Juvenile Collection (Level 2)

Child 0-12 years

Juvenile collection (Level 2)

External Borrowing:

  1. Items can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks.
  2. A maximum of 5 items can be loaned at the same time.
  3. Items can be renewed once from the website, over the phone or by visiting the library.
  4. Overdue items will incur fines of 2 SAR per day per item.
  5. If the item is damaged or not returned within 60 days, it will be assumed lost and the patron will be liable to pay the replacement cost and the accrued fines plus 30 SAR processing fees.
  6. If total fines reach 250 SAR, membership will be suspended until fines are paid.
  7. Membership owner has to be present to use the borrowing privileges.
  8. For family members, all email notifications will be sent to the head of the family.
  9. Fines have to be paid at the Ticket station at the level 3 borrowing desk.

Internal Borrowing:

  1. Devices (e.g. laptops and iPads) can be borrowed by Adults and Young Adults for onsite use only.
  2. Devices can be borrowed for 2 hours.
  3. User is considered liable for the period the device is borrowed.
  4. User cannot borrow more than one device at a time.
  5. Devices can be borrowed from the library's customer service.
  6. Membership owner has to be present to use the borrowing privileges.