Ithra and the Saudi film industry

As one of the first in Saudi Arabia, and one of the few art house cinemas in the Middle East, the Ithra Cinema has been the springboard for many great talents in the Kingdom’s fast-evolving filmmaking industry. Ithra is the driving force behind several programs supporting filmmaking in Saudi. It is home to Saudi Film Production, Saudi Film Days and the Ithra Film Society.


Saudi Film Festival

In its mission to support, nurture and showcase Saudi filmmaking talent, Ithra is also the cradle of the annual Saudi Film Festival. Through its first seven editions, the event has featured 865 films and 1,043 scripts and presented 55 filmmaking seminars and workshops.


Ithra Film Society

Ithra Film Society brings together filmmakers (directors, writers, producers, and more) to discuss and exchange ideas regarding filmmaking and cinema. The Ithra Film Society encourages and promotes the regional film industry. Discussion and critique sessions are held with local filmmakers in conjunction with the screening of both local and international films. The Society also hosts public talks on filmmaking-related topics such as acting, producing, writing and directing


Ithra Film Production

It’s an ongoing program developed to enrich the nation’s film industry by producing creative, impactful, and high-quality films that reflect Saudi Arabia’s culture. JOUD is an unconventional meditation on the cycle of life – but in reverse. Filmed entirely within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the film challenges viewers to look below the surface of everyday experiences and contemplate its Arabic title, translated as “generosity in the face of scarcity.”


Ithra Content Initiative

The Ithra Content Initiative, launched in 2020, aims to develop local content production and provide enrichment opportunities within many cultural and creative sectors in the Kingdom.


International footprint of Ithra cinema

Saudi Film Days - Production of more than ٢١ films and award-winning productions recognized at major cities and festivals in Riyadh, Dubai, Beirut, London and New York. Participation at leading international festivals and platforms among global peers such as Cannes Film Festival and Dubai film panels


Ithra Cinema

Ithra’s Cinema is a state-of-the-art screening venue dedicated to showcasing Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning film industry by providing the technological space for beginners and professionals to hone their craft and present their work.

Upcoming productions

Ithra is scheduled to release two films soon:

Sea of Sands

by celebrated Egyptian screenwriter and producer Mohamed Hefzy.

Valley Road

by award-winning Saudi independent filmmaker Khalid Fahad’s

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