Shifting Perspectives: Material Design and Exploration ( 5 Days)

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30 September 2019 - 4 October 2019
Time: 5:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours


Knowledge Tower
Floor 8 - Classroom 01


Suitable for 16+ years.

Undervalued materials, such as wire mesh and waste wood: By re-examining these materials, new applications of the materials arise. The challenge lies in finding new forms, qualities and aesthetics, as opposed to those with which we are all too familiar. This is a hands-on workshop on shifting the perspective on undervalued materials. An experience to take home and adopt within your own design process.

 Objectives and Expected Outcomes: 

- Participants are familiar with often-used materials, their properties and their source.
- Participants understand the value of material research and exploration as a tool for the design process.
- Participants are able to set up and conduct a material experiment in order to generate new ideas.
- Participants understand the value of experimenting and making unexpected connections in order to solve complex, contemporary and local problems.

Workshop Agenda: 

Day 1:
 -Who is NExAR 
-INSPIRE how to re-frame unwanted materials 

Day 2:
- discovery and research
- DISCOVER undervalued materials and techniques to work with them
 -INTERPRET possibilities of the materials by applying the techniques 

Day 3:
- play and create
- PLAY with materials, reflect on promising try-outs
- CREATE models
Day 4:
- evaluate
- EVALUATE and Innovate

- EXPERIMENT with the prototype 

Day 5:
- Final touches


Facilitators bios :

1- Dennis Meulenbroeks "social entrepreneur"
The founder and director of NexAR, a bridge building organization for design between the Netherlands and the Arab world. As a social entrepreneur with a background in industrial design, Dennis continues to research and develop new approaches and strategies for design in the social field. His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to make things happen are a necessity in a collaborative and empowering project set-up. Dennis Meulenbroeks was the first ever designer who fitted the field of social work with design to get to holistic, innovative and realistic concepts and programs. 

2- Max Lipsey "Product designer"